Betting is placing bets by making a wager on the outcome. Sports betting can be either ‘illegal’ or ‘legal’ depending ona country and alsowhether the sports association of that particular sports allows betting.The fun88 Asia bets are usually placedthrough a bookmaker or privately-run enterprises.

Terms of betting

  • Odds:

It represents the likelihood of an event or situation happening.

E.g., If Team A is assigned 4 to 1 odds, it means Team B is four times likely to win.

Odds will be favorable for the team, which is expected to lose, or the underdog.

  • Underdog:

The underdog is the least favorite team or the team most likely to lose in a game, according to a bookmaker. This team usually has longer odds and higher profits.

  • Arbitrage:

A bettor sometimesuses this strategy to place a bet on all possible outcomes. It results in guaranteed profit regardless of the product.

  • Bet:

They are waging money on the successful prediction of the outcome of an event.

  • Double bet:

Two selections, which are then combined into a single bet, are made, thus increasing the odds. But both the pieces need to be true.

  • Void bets:

A void bet is betting, which isn’t placed due to some reasons. The money is then returned to the account.

E.g., If the player you have placed a bid on doesn’t play a game.


  • Betting on a game doesn’t make that game less excitable; it helps to increase your interest.
  • It does involve risks, but modern data science has made it somewhat likely to predict the outcomes and guarantee relatively lower loss.


Does a Bookmaker make a profit?

Yes, bookmakers may not control the outcome, but they hold the percentage of customers’ profit by setting the odds.


Types of betting:

  • Live/in-game:

Wagers can be made even during the games.

  • Exchange betting:

Wagers are made between peer-to-peer without the involvement of a bookmaker.

  • Spread betting:

It’s the prediction of an outcome after some time or whether the amount will be higher or lower than the number set by the bookmaker.

  • Money line betting:

It straightway points to the result of the game.


Betting on bet 188bet involves risk just like any form of gambling. But this shouldn’t affect betting on sports. Most people lose money initially, and you may lose too. So, gamble responsibly and also enjoys the game.