If you have already played or ทดลองเล่นเกมยิงปลา online and you feel like you want to try more, you can definitely make use of the other popular services that are offered by the site. Some of them are games and others are useful features that can make your experience on the site much better. If you are interested to know other games, these are the ones you will have access to (make sure you are a member since only members have access to most of the important and advantageous features):

Legit Betting Games 

Just like the Fish Shooting Game, there are other betting games that can benefit you while you are in the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to go out to visit a casino and play these games too.


Just like the physical version of the game, online roulette is a game where players select to place their bets on a single number, a set of numbers, colors red or black, odd or even number, or low and high digits. To know the winning number, the croupier or the dealer spins the wheel in a single direction while the ball spins the opposite. You should wait until the ball loses its momentum. If it hits the number you bet on, you win.   

Fish Shooting Game        

Card Games           

If you don’t have physical cards, no problem! Everything is virtual here and they are easy to use and understand. For card game enthusiasts, this is a convenient place to play monetary card games such as Baccarat, Tiger Card, Pocker, etc. There are different options to make sure you are not limited to a game you don’t like. You only need to be cautious when you’re betting because online card games are pretty tricky.

Information for Each Game 

Trying new games might not be comfortable for you but you must know that there is a description for each game. It’s not a popular service per se but it’s essential to newcomers for it provides you the necessary data you need for playing the games. Take your time to read the description and you will not be regretting anything when you start to play.

Articles About Casinos

If you wish to know more about casinos (because you want to be wise in playing casino games), you can check all the casino-related articles that are on the site. There are a couple of them and they will surely educate you about many aspects of the casino. It is advisable to read them before trying the games, especially the fish shooting game. That way, you would have a clear idea of how every game works.

Note that you are not required to read all those things but you are encouraged to. It involves money and you don’t want to lose yours due to the lack of knowledge.