If you are reading this article, it means that you are somehow involved in the game, or at least interested in it. In any case, we would like you to read the information below and sincerely hope that it will help you better understand some of the issues related to gambling.

Casino dealers

Even if you’ve never been to a casino, you know for sure that there are dealers there. In fact, land-based casinos cannot do without these employees who help visitors with various organizational problems and manage games for players. It’s no secret that the first thing casino dealers should learn is professional card shuffling. First of all, this process is very important for fair play in the casino, as a good mix of the cards ensures proper randomization, which is an important factor for fair play.

Random methods

There are many different shuffling techniques that a 918kiss download apk casino dealer can use. Some are fairly easy to learn and provide less efficient deck randomization, while others are quite difficult to execute but more effective in ensuring fair play. However, the principle “the harder the mix, the better the game” is absolutely wrong. Let’s take a look at the most common shuffle methods used by gamers.

Shuffle from top to bottom

This is one of the easiest ways to shuffle cards. Every card player can easily learn and play it, even when he plays with friends. All you have to do is draw the cards with your right thumb. First, place your thumb on the back of the platform and your little, ring, and middle fingers on the front of that platform. The deck of cards is in your right hand, and now you need to draw cards from the deck with your right thumb in your right hand.

Riffle in random order

The casino dealers divide the deck into two roughly equal parts. Take a piece of the platform with your right hand: your thumb is on the top edge of the platform and your middle, ring, and little fingers are on the bottom edge, and your index finger should be pressed against the back of the platform to that you can push through the deck. Do the same with the part of the left arm. Then bring your hands together (thumbs should not touch) and shuffle the cards.


The one thing every player always wants when he plays at https://www.asiawin33.com/ is fair play. With card games in mind, we can identify the key to fair play without hesitation. This is good randomization. Combined shuffling methods usually provide the best randomization: typically shuffle + roll shuffle. Also, today’s casinos often have special decks that use a random number generator and guarantee fair play.