Domino Games is a favourite gambling game that uses domino cards in its games. The Domino Card is a square card with one of its sides divided by a line and each of the divided sections has a point or no point. If you want to master Domino games you must first know the highest card in this game. Here we will explain and give you a sample image of the highest card in this Domino game

How to Play Domino 99 :

How to play Domino 99, of course, many of them knew it, especially since this game has been around for a long time in Indonesia. How to play and domino 99 rules are different from how to play capsa stacking which has more complex patterns. However, it has suggested for non-professional gambling players to understand how to play 99 dominoes below before joining to bet on the table:

  • Those who want to play this game they should have an online gambling account first, and those who do not have, please register at domino qq.
  • Once you have registered and created an account , log in to the page as there are many gambling sites
  • As soon as you login you will be redirected to entrance page where you can find real money poker games such as poker, Texas poker, domino99, au, bandarq, sakong,Bandar66.
  • You can now select domino 99 online, then you will see many betting tables with different limits. Select the limit and then click on join table button.
  • Then finally select the empty bench and enjoy playing.

domino 99 online

MAIN CARDS of  Domino99             

  • Six Gods card:

The Six Gods card is a card that has a value of six on each card, this card is the highest card on DominoQQ. You can see in the example to get this card you must have four cards with a value of six cards each.

  • Empa Card:

Balak The Four Balak Card (Card with the same value on each side) is the 2nd highest card of the Six Deity Card and is a card with a value below the Six Deity card. These log cards are log cards which each have a log on all four cards.

  • Pure Big Card:

The Big Pure Card is the highest card after the Four Balak card. To get this card you must have a card with a total value of 39.

  • Small Pure Card:

The Small Pure Card is the last highest card after the Big Pure card. You will get this card if the total value of all four cards is below 9.

Domino99 game rules are very easy to understand by the bettor, especially for nonprofessional or beginners, follow the rules of playing domino99 on the any real money online poker gambling site.