Like most Poker variations in BK88, this version revolves around using community cards. This Stud-based game does not usually use any wildcards but the dealer can opt to use them. Wildcards can replace any suit or rank in the game. Players can use these to complete their best possible hand. The dealer should decide and announce it before starting the game. Elevator Poker has a bit of similarity with Omaha Poker. Players of both games need to use 2 of their hole cards and 3 community cards to form a hand. There can be as many as 6 to 10 players for this game.

How to play

The board cards have 2 vertical columns of 3 cards each. The dealer puts a single card, the “elevator,” between the 2 vertical columns. This makes the formation of the community cards look like the letter H.

    • The game starts with everyone making ante wagers.
    • Each player then receives 4 hole cards with 2 facing down and 2 facing up.
    • The board cards then get arranged as specified above.
  • A betting round takes place. The player to the immediate left of the dealer starts the betting round.
  • Reveal one entire vertical column.
  • Another betting round happens.
  • Reveal all 3 cards from the other vertical column.
  • Proceed with another betting round.
  • Reveal the elevator card in the middle.
  • Again, a betting round.
  • A showdown then comes next. High only or High-Low Cards speak.
  • Players then make Hi-Lo declarations.
  • A final betting round occurs.
  • And finally, the showdown takes place.

You can choose to reveal each community card one by one instead of the entire column at once.

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Winning the game

The player with the best 5-card Poker hand wins the pot. Players have to make use of 2 of their hole cards and 3 community cards to complete their hand. The players can choose which among the community cards to use. It can either be the first or second column. It can also be the three cards in the center of the H formation. Players cannot mix and match any of the cards within these rows though.

Elevator Poker is an exciting and unique game that is also refreshing. If you liked this game, you may also enjoy other Poker variations in BK8. Some have a similar format while others do not. There are also various other games aside from Poker. These challenging but fun games have twists that are so amazing you will want to try the games again and again.