Gambling is an ancient activity .Gambling is wagering of something i.e. either cash or something in kind on an uncertain outcome of an event. So gambling consists of three indgriedients i.e. consideration i.e. some value, risk i.e. loosing and wining & prize. The outcome in gambling in most of the cases is immediate.   Gaming and gambling cannot be changed interchangeably. Gambling when permitted by law is called gaming. The gambling industry is growing at very fast pace. Gambling is used as gaming mostly with online gaming like video game etc. gabling in many countries is prohibited or banned around the world or either it is very strictly controlled by their government through way of licensing.

The games which are offered for specifically money and fun are called casino games. There is wide variety of casino games available in casinos that are table games, electronic games which include video bingo, Poker, slots and many more including gambling games like bingo and keno. The other category of games is non casino games that take place outside of the casinos. These games include pull-tab, lotteries, , dead pool, bingo etc. there are many other games as well like card games, carnival, coin tossing, and dice based games available also.  There are a few types of betting involved in the gambling like Fixed odds betting sports betting or political betting. Or the bets are placed on some movements of events like share market indexes, betting on some competitions etc.

The most famous gambling on sports betting is of horse racing. The traditional casino games have also been made available on the internet mode. These are often called virtual casino games or online games. There are many types of gamble games available in virtual mode. Some of the examples are online poker, baccarat, lotteries, slot games There are many websites available on the internet like kiss918 offering such slot games.The online casino games have gained a lot of popularity.  There are quite few reasons which have made these games such famous l. these include; because these games are present on internet these are can be accessed from any place and time. The games are compatible in laptops, tablets, smart phones and have made it more convenient for people o access it. One does have to take pain to travel to a casino to enjoy and have fun. The person can easily access it at his or own comfort from home or office or any other place and time.