Predicting lottery numbers is one of the toughest jobs. By using few algorithmic calculations somehow few soft wares are developed. All the software’s work in a same algorithmic way but each of it in extra chooses a different pattern and combinations. Lotteries have no such things like definite patterns and parameters as every parameter in a game is random.

Here are some software’s mentioned for lottery trang soi cau uy tin thethaobet:


One of the software tools exclusively dedicated to game lovers for odds of hitting the lottery. It is purely web based so no downloads are required.


This software make predictions base on previous results, high probability combinations and other proven methods. The advantage of this software is we can check the results and track the history directly in website. If our target is to win power ball lottery, the better option to go for beat lottery is power ball combinations.


It is the best software and maximizes your winnings. It takes into consideration the previous draws, probabilities and combinations to get the new predictions.


This software invented by GAIL HOWARD in the year 1982.He is told as one of the top selling author for his writings and is also famous lottery expert. This smart luck is a sure shot for the one who wanted to win big. The users of this particular software won around 100M collectively.

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It is a very advanced winning predictor of the community. The specialty of this predictor software is it collects all the possible sources from past many years and applies the probability and algorithmic calculations. The other unique benefit of this particular software is we can also interact with our fellow members.


This is said to be best software for the one who particularly plays avid games like Powerball, mega millions. This is window based software. We can directly place it in our pc at a side.


This software is a statistic based calculations. It takes into consideration the smart numbers that have high probability of winning in the lottery game .We can track our ticket in this software also. 


This software makes us to become a lottery expert making us to train in such a flexible works with 5, 6 ball lottery games including bonus balls. 


This software trends us to give you predictions based on previous winnings and its combinations to give you a best accurate predictions. The advantages of this are it projects its purchases and allows you to choose the purchases separately.

Here raises a biggest question that is does these recalculations and predictions really helpful for pour real gambling games or not?

In the case of draw patterns, randomness each prediction gets to almost to the point, but with 100% accuracy we will move forward to its final goal.