The seemingly endless pandemic year has put a real damper on weekly game nights. Playing online card games can be an effective way of getting rid of your boredom. There are many single-player games available both offline and online. Playing with your friends makes the game even more fun and exciting.  It is easy to find card games at any online casino Malaysia. If you have no idea what you can play with your friends for a virtual hangout, here are some you can try.

Card exchange games

You can play these games with your friends, or you can have AI opponents. Each player gets a hand of cards and tries to collect cards to create combinations and matched sets. In each turn, players exchange one or more cards either with another player or with a stockpile. Drawing a new card or discarding a card depends on which game you choose to play. For some games, you can ask other players for a particular card. Examples of these games are Gin Rummy, Stop The Bus, Go Fish and several others.

Hand comparison games

Players receive cards from a dealer in these games. Rules vary per game, and extra cards are either drawn or dealt. Banking games have players competing against the bank instead of each other. For some games, players raise stakes before showing their cards. These are what players call vying games. Games under this category include Poker, Blackjack, and a lot more.

Competitive solitaire games

Based on the traditional single-player game, these games have a competitive element. You can play with one or more opponents. Simultaneous solitaire lets people have distinct and separate games at the same time. There are also games where players can play on each other’s cards. Some games feature a shared layout. You can play Spite and Malice or Cat and Mouse, Crapette, and Spit if you want to try these kinds of games.

Trick taking games

Each player in these games has a hand of cards. A trick refers to each round. For every trick, each player plays one card. Rules vary depending on which game you are playing. Players can play allowed cards only based on particular regulations. Each game determines which card wins a trick. The winner for plain-trick games is the one with the most number of rounds won. For point-trick games, the winner can either be the one who gets the least or most points, depending on the game. Each card has a corresponding point.