Poker is any number of card games in which the players bet over which hand is best according to the specific games rules. With the advent of technology, Poker is also played over the internet. It is the number one reason for increase in the number of poker players worldwide. Confused about whether online poker is better than the live one?

Ditch the confusion because here are 12 advantages of online poker over the old school one

  1. Lighter on your pocket

~ Online poker has a significantly lower rate than the traditional one as the expenses needed for running an online game is lesser.

  1. Online poker gives you a bonanza of offers

~ Online poker gives you a wide variety of bonuses, loyalty points and offers like the idn poker deposit pulsa. These offers not only keep you engaged in the game but also save your money.

  1. No dress code

~ Online poker lets you ditch the dress code. You can play at the comfort of your home where wearing clothes is also not mandatory.

  1. Saves time

~ In offline casino the dealer has to collect the cards and shuffle them which makes it time consuming. Online poker is automated. Also, in online poker; you can decide a fixed number of hours per day and stop after that.

  1. No tipping

~ Online poker does not cut dealer tips and expenses from the prize pool.

poker money

  1. Added advantage of other games

 ~ Online poker also offers other side games such as blackjack and roulettes.

  1. Value for money

~ Even low risk investment gives significant revenue because the sites do not have to pay interest on the players.

  1. Lesser armamentarium

~ All you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go. You can play on your laptop or tablet or even on a smartphone.

  1. Online poker schools

~ Some sites provide you with training schools which help you learn the game faster.

  1. Hassle free

~There’s no place like home. You don’t have to travel to your nearest casino and this saves a lot of time.

  1. Commitment is not a compulsion

~ You can enter and exit as many games as you want

  1. Multi tabling

~ You can play multiple games at the same time in different windows.

Thus, online poker has many benefits over the live one. Not only is it pocket friendly but also saves your time. With online poker you have a vast array of games at your disposal and all you need is a good internet connection.

If you have a lot of fun in playing live poker with a bunch of friends you will definitely enjoy the online one. So what are you waiting for? The world of online poker awaits your arrival.

Happy Playing!