If you’re new in the world of online casinos, then probably, you are not aware of casino bonuses. But if you have played before in any online casinos for a long period of time, then probably you’re already familiar with online casino bonuses. These bonuses come with a different form of great deals such as bonuses, loyalty perks, amazing promotional offers, and many more. However, some of them are too good to be true, and not all of them can be used freely without having a condition. But don’t worry, you don’t need to take the good with the bad. You have the right to choose which bonuses and great deals will suit you the best.

That’s why today’s article will teach you how you can look at the ups and downsides of every online casino bonus you can find on the internet today.

The Ups of Online Casino Bonuses

To set your mood, below are the few reasons why promotions, offers, and bonuses might be worth when playing at any online casino sites such as www.qqturbo.com:

Ups #1: An Extra Cash or Fund

Generally speaking, bonuses and promotional offers reflects free cash. So for players who are tight on the playing budgets, and to those who don’t have enough money to continue the game, they are much free to use these bonuses as their funding money. They give the players the opportunity to play more games such as the expensive ones which an ordinary player can’t have the privilege to play with.

Ups #2: Lot of Options to Choose From

Online casino bonuses and promotions will always be available in any online casino out there. Because they use these bonuses to lure and attract potential players to play and stay with their platform.

Some bonuses can come as welcome bonuses when you placed a required deposit amount, some are free spin deals, or have the chance to play with the newly released games, deals with subsequent deposits, and loyalty bonuses for playing certain online casino games with their required period of time.

The Downsides of Online Casino Bonuses

Below are the following downside of online casinos bonuses:

Downside #1: Wagering Requirements

Most of the online casinos nowadays have bonuses wagering requirements. Generally speaking, these wagering requirements are essential for online casinos because they don’t have one, players would simply walk away with the bonus cash they’ve claimed.

So to prevent this from happening, online casino bonuses and offers to require their players to follow some wagering requirements in order for them to withdraw these amounts. Don’t worry, some play-through rates are reasonable which is commonly set to 35x or less. But wagering requirement that is above 40x is considered to be the least option to claim with.

Downside #2: Game Specific Offers and Bonuses

Here’s the deal, most of the offers and online casino bonuses are game-specific. Meaning, you can also use these bonuses on a certain online casino game. In fact, some of these games have the hardest odds and such. So as a player, it is important for you to read the terms and conditions before playing.