Online poker is the most played card game all over the world. Almost all the gamblers like playing this game at least once in a life. When there was no option of playing this game over the internet people used to go to the casino or they had a deck of cards in their homes. They spent their time quality time with family and friends by playing cards. These trends even continuous today but now they also have an option of playing the game over the internet on their mobile phones or other electronic devices that has an internet connection. Decks of cards are used to play this game. It has different cards like the joker, king, queen, etc. Online poker is the largest growing casino game. You can play it on the bandarqq site which is the most trustable online poker website.

Method of playing: The game begins with the distribution of cards between all the participants. Each player gets the chance of distribution at least once in a game turn by turn. All the contestants keep their cards hidden throughout the game. Before the game starts a token is given to each contestant called a buck or dealer button. All contestants are required to place a definite amount of money in a pot before card distribution. The method of placing an amount in a pot is called butts. These are of two kinds:

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Antes: Equal card distribution is done after shuffling the deck. A house dealer manages the game and cards of each participant. When the first deal occurs, the beginning of an extensive bet may start. Between the game rounds, each player’s hands are made even if there are more cards or the cards are exchanged after the first round. For all rounds of the game, a definite amount is a place to bet which is a total amount at the end of the game. Every participant has a right to fold the game after completing any round. If in a case when all the contestants do a fold instead of one, then the remaining player is announced to be a winner of the game.

Conclusion: Poker is a very popular game on the internet. The rules for playing the game are very simple. Every game provider shows the rules of playing games on their screen. It is a game of both luck and skills.