The harsh reality of betting quickly lands on self-confident beginners. Hoping to hit the jackpot in a match or 100% working, but paid game schemes ผลบอล, they are faced with proven schemes of “divorce” or commonplace fraud. Before we start talking about how to place bets correctly, we must tell you about such schemes.

Fixed games

One of the  majority ordinary misconceptions in the betting earth. Games with a fixed result, unfortunately, happen in competitions at different levels. But this information is owned by a very narrow circle of people. Not a single person who can know the result of a future match will share it “in secret” from the pages of a sports forum. You can learn more about agreements from our material . If you were offered a “sure thing” for a couple of hundred rubles, เล่นสล็อต you can rest assured: this is a fraudster who is making a similar offer to several more unsuspecting players. By naming a different account to each of his clients, he can in one case guess the exact result. But such a hit has nothing to do with real awareness of match-fixing. And new players should remember: for the organization of match-fixing, criminal liability is provided. Will the organizer of such games share information with everyone.

Football Betting

Bonus Programs 

This scheme is not fraudulent. Moreover – the bonuses offered during registration or as part of various promotions look like a nice gift from a caring bookmaker. A two-fold increase in the deposit pleases newcomers who put “donated” funds with great excitement, and as a result lose their own money. In order not to get into trouble, you must carefully read the conditions for providing bonuses. As a rule, to withdraw these funds, they must be put down several times, moreover, in rates such as “Express” and with odds not lower than the agreed level. For beginners, this result is almost unattainable. Remember: a bonus is not a means to earn money, but only a way to increase your gaming excitement. Perfect betting scheme.

Catching up lost bets

As soon as possible to recoup after losing – a typical tactic of an inexperienced player. Often, a beginner and quite a gambler tries to apply the Monte Carlo (Martingale) method . According to this scheme, the player bets on the result with a coefficient of at least 2.0 and constantly doubles his bet. At some point, the strategy is triggered and the lost money (plus a little from above) is returned to the better. A method based on simple mathematics looks convincing. But there is no guarantee that the bet will certainly play until the moment when the player runs out of money. The desired result does not fall out, but there is nothing to put.