You cannot emphasize the importance of taking notes about your opponents. The more you play, the more you value the information you have gathered about each player at your table. It is very useful to know that player “A” likes to bluff, and that player “B” plays only if he has a large pair

Taking notes on other players at the table is very easy. In some places, they even put a bookmark on the player if they previously wrote a note on it.

When you start taking notes, just watch opponents who stand out as an overly aggressive player who increases each betting round and ends up throwing his hand into the river.

It is better if you start to develop some type of coding system to classify each player. It can be a set of numbers, a group of letters or something that reminds you how you play.

Learn to classify players

This will help you remember your stius poker online game the next time you find them. Think of them in terms of tight or loose, passive or aggressive. I like to assign numbers for tight or loose and letters for passive or aggressive. For example, a very free passive player can be coded as “8” for his free game and “A” for his passive game.

Remember when you look at other players to keep track of the very tense ones. These players are too shy and passive, or simply shy and aggressive when they have good cards. They are very easy to review, since they are not in many hands. And the most aggressive player is the most dangerous at the table.

Look for the special features of the bets you see

  • Does this player always bet on the button if he has not placed a bet before his move?
  • Does this player like to climb from an early position with high cards?
  • Does this player slowly play high pairs and sets?
  • The list continues, but you understand the idea.

Write all this information in your notes, this will give you a great advantage over time

When you meet a player on whom you have a note, review the note. Look at it for a moment to see that it is still playing as your note says. Many times, a player will improve his game over time, and you must recognize it and adjust your notes.

In the end, it all comes down to having more information about other players at your table. How you use this knowledge remains the most important.

Good luck